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AVIATICON Special Chain

Bild - AVIATICON Special Chain
Fully synthetic care product for chains and ropes in aerosol cans

AVIATICON Special Chain is a fully synthetic, throw-off-resistant adhesive lubricant for chains and rope constructions, toothed belts and open gears.
AVIATICON Special Chain is a fully synthetic, transparent and low-viscosity chain and rope care spray with a high capillary effect. It adheres well, is throw-off resistant and is suitable for fast-running chain and rope constructions, no dripping losses can be detected.

AVIATICON Special Chain is neutral, non-aggressive and has a noise-reducing effect on the chains and ropes. It provides long-term protection against corrosion and penetrates chains and wire ropes from the inside

AVIATICON Special Chain guarantees long-running lubrication, is O-ring neutral, dirt and dust repellent.

Areas of application:
  • For industry, trade, repair and much more:
  • on motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, machines, industrial chains, inner chain bearings, etc.
  • Can be used on chains, chain and plain bearings, toothed belts, wire ropes, open gears, rod ends
  • Also suitable for high-speed chain and rope constructions

Shake the can well before use! Apply evenly and leave to work. Repeat the application if necessary. Show machines before use!


  • gute Haftfähigkeit
  • kälte- und wärmebeständig
  • keine Abtropfverluste
  • leicht anwendbar und gut kriechfähig
  • schmutz- und staubabweisend


containers:400 Milliliter

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400 Milliliter


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AVIATICON Special Chain
Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH
Vollsynthetisches Pflegemittel für Ketten und Seile in der Aerosoldose