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AVIATICON Silicone No 1

Bild - AVIATICON Silicone No 1
Silicone lubricant in an aerosol can

AVIATICON Silicone No 1 is a universal lubricant based on silicone oil for metal, plastic, rubber and textiles.
AVIATICON Silicone No 1 is a universal spray for the permanent care and protection of metal, rubber and plastics. It is used to impregnate and remove squeaking and running noises.

AVIATICON Silicone No 1 is very economical due to the formation of an extremely thin protective and care film. AVIATICON Silicone No 1 has an antistatic and dust-repellent effect, is anti-corrosive, moisture-repellent and weather-resistant.

With AVIATICON Silicone No 1 you have a mineral oil-free and clean alternative to other lubricants with oils and fats.

Areas of application:
  • In vehicle interiors, for example, as a lubricant on sunroofs, seat rails, locks, hinges and as a lubricant for seat belts
  • For pulling in plastic and rubber profiles
  • Assembly with hose connections or cable laying
  • As a lubricant in the textile industry

Spray thinly and evenly onto the surface to be treated from a distance of 25-30 cm and repeat the application if necessary.
We recommend that you conduct sufficient tests yourself


  • fleckenfreie Schmierung
  • geeignet für Innen und Außen
  • schmiert, pflegt und schützt alle Materialien und Werkstoffe
  • verhindert anfrieren von Gummis an Autotüren Kühltruhen usw.
  • verhindert Austrocknen und Verspröden von Gummi und Kunststoffen


containers:400 Milliliter

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400 Milliliter


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AVIATICON Silicone No 1
Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH
Silikonschmiermittel in der Aerosoldose