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AVIATICON Penetrant Plus

Bild - AVIATICON Penetrant Plus
Silicone-free multifunctional spray in an aerosol can

AVIATICON Penetrant Plus is a silicone-free multifunctional oil for vehicles, workshops, paint shops and paint shops.
AVIATICON Penetrant Plus is a multifunctional spray. It has an excellent creeping effect and thus enables an effective rust removal and lubrication of mechanical parts:
• Squeaky noises can be quickly eliminated
• Highly effective oils protect against corrosion, moisture and dirt
• As a spray, Penetrant Plus enables economical and targeted application even in hard-to-reach areas
• suitable for all metals, usable from -20 ° C to + 120 ° C (short-term max. + 160 ° C)

AVIATICON Penetrant Plus is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its versatile properties, such as:
• entire vehicle sector, car dealerships, freight forwarders, transport companies, motorway maintenance depots, workshops, petrol stations, etc.
• Machine and tool care in all repair, maintenance and industrial operations
• brings all corroded connections back into motion, such as screw connections, nuts, bolts, joints etc.
• Can also be used in paint shops as it does not contain silicone


Shake well before use. Spray finely onto the surface or components to be treated from a distance of approx. 20 cm and allow to act briefly, repeat the application if necessary. For commercial use only. Carry out preliminary tests for the effect and material compatibility.


  • guter Korrosionsschutz
  • schmiert und pflegt
  • unterwandert Feuchtigkeit


containers:400 Milliliter

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400 Milliliter


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AVIATICON Penetrant Plus
Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH
Silikonfreies multifunktionsspray in der Aerosoldose