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AVIATICON Omnilube Food Grade

Bild - AVIATICON Omnilube Food Grade
Food grease in an aerosol can

AVIATICON Omnilube Food Grade is a food grade lubricating grease according to LMBG.
AVIATICON Omnilube Food Grade is a special grease according to the requirements of the LMBG. The wide range of applications is characterized by the excellent water and flexing resistance as well as the high oxidation resistance in connection with a high dropping point.

AVIATICON Omnilube Food Grade has good corrosion protection properties, is physiologically harmless and odorless and tasteless.

Areas of application:
  • For the lubrication of machines in the food, luxury food, beverage, animal feed and packaging industries
  • For use in roller and plain bearings, even at elevated bearing temperatures and water ingress at the lubrication points.
  • As a lubricating grease for runways, slide bars and other conveying equipment also in slaughterhouses, butcher shops or dairies etc.
  • Food grease can be used wherever food contact with lubricating grease is technically unavoidable or cannot be ruled out.
  • For all lubrication points with rotating, oscillating and other movements.


Show machines before use! Remove coarse dirt or clean the parts to be lubricated. Then spray on evenly from a distance of approx. 20 cm. Repeat application if necessary. If the product is used in the food processing industry: Only the minimum amount that is technically necessary may be used. Avoid direct contact with food.


  • geruchs- und geschmacksneutral
  • gute Haftfähigkeit
  • gute Oxidationsbeständigkeit
  • gute Walkstabilität
  • guter Korrosionsschutz
  • hoher Anwendungsbereich


containers:400 Milliliter

Product classifications / specifications



400 Milliliter


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AVIATICON Omnilube Food Grade
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