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AVIATICON Brake Cleaner

Bild - AVIATICON Brake Cleaner
Brake cleaner in an aerosol can

AVIATICON Brake Cleaner is a universal cold degreaser for stubborn dirt from grease, oil, dirt and dust.
AVIATICON Brake Cleaner also removes stubborn dirt from grease, oil, dirt, dust or similar substances; partially dissolves adhesives and sealants. Due to the high creeping ability, the brake cleaner penetrates even the tightest tolerances, the parts do not need to be dismantled in a time-consuming process.

AVIATICON Brake Cleaner evaporates quickly and without leaving any residue. It is particularly suitable for intensive quick cleaning and completely residue-free degreasing of all metal objects, glass, ceramics and wood.

Areas of application:
  • Powerful quick cleaner for workshop and assembly, quick cleaning in the vehicle area:
  • Grease, oil and other dirt deposits on brakes, clutches, starters, alternators, motors, etc.
  • removes moisture and wax traces on metal surfaces


Mechanically remove coarse contamination. Spray from a short distance and allow detergent to run off. The parts to be cleaned are clean and dry in a few seconds. It is not necessary to dismantle the parts if the detached impurities can run off with the liquid. Do not spray rubber and elastic plastic parts. Provide adequate ventilation. For commercial use only. Carry out preliminary tests for the effect and material compatibility.


  • leicht anwendbar und gut kriechfähig
  • schnelltrocknend und rückstandsfrei
  • sehr gute Reinigung
  • wirkt entfettend


containers:400 Milliliter

Product classifications / specifications



400 Milliliter


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AVIATICON Brake Cleaner
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